China inaugurated its embassy in Honduras

As part of the reestablishment of relations with Honduras last March, the People's Republic of China inaugurated this Monday its embassy in the Central American country

This Monday, the embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Honduras was officially inaugurated, as a new step after the reestablishment of relations between the two countries on March 26.

During the inauguration ceremony of the diplomatic office, the second presidential designee of Honduras, Doris Gutiérrez; Foreign Minister Eduardo Enrique Reina; the heads of diplomatic missions and international organizations in Honduras and by China.

Reina stressed that “the establishment of bilateral diplomatic relations was an independent decision by the Honduran side, through which it diversifies its international relations and firmly joins the vast majority of countries that recognize the principle of one China.”

Honduras has relaunched relations with the Asian country to promote “commercial cooperation to improve its infrastructure, contribute to increasing the well-being of the Honduran population and promote social prosperity.”

Yu Bo, chargé d’affaires of the Chinese Embassy in Honduras, stressed that since the relaunch of relations with Honduras, both parties “have carried out articulation and cooperation in an accelerated manner in fields such as economy, trade, agriculture, science and technology, culture, education and media”.

As part of this strategic rapprochement, the President of Honduras, Xiomara Castro, confirmed this Monday that she accepted the invitation of her Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping, to visit China in the coming days.

According to a post on his Twitter account, Castro would be in the People’s Republic of China from June 9 to 14, to discuss key aspects such as “new political, scientific, technical, commercial, and cultural horizons.”



(Reference image source: Carlos de Souza, Unsplash)

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