Bancamiga increases its market share in deposits through electronic channels

Once again, the banking institution expanded its limits in electronic channels to favor customers in the Venezuelan market

Bancamiga Banco Universal, Venezuelan bank, continues its growth and does so close to its customers. The bank takes into account their needs by reinforcing the elements that constitute a relationship that goes beyond the interest of the banking business.

This was announced by Alberto De Armas, its CEO, who communicated the new limits for transfers amounting to 600,000 BsS (bolívares soberanos in Spanish) for legal clients and 250,000 BsS for individuals. Likewise, it increased the maximum amount of consumption with a debit card to 250,000 BsS per day.

De Armas underscored the importance of continuing to grow in consumer loan portfolios and in the development of electronic channels, with an exponential progress in the P2C and P2P system. This system reaches more than 20,000 affiliated clients with maximum payment amounts of 15,000 BsS to natural persons and 75,000 BsS for payments to commerce.

He stressed that through the commitment of its shareholders, Bancamiga Banco Universal has also grown in the collection of liabilities through means of payment and expects to continue advancing and directing efforts to sustain this curve of constant rise.

With information from El Sumario

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