Putin believes that sanctions negatively affect Russia

The president of Russia assured that the measures generated by the attack on Ukraine have had repercussions on its economy

The president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, admitted that the sanctions received as a result of the military offensive launched against Ukraine “may negatively affect” the evolution of the Russian economy, although he defended that in general terms there is a “positive” trend.

Putin, who met with members of his government, taking stock of the economic situation to emphasize generally positive aspects, even defending that the exit of Western companies from the Russian market has opened up new local “niches” that firms are now trying to take advantage of.

Likewise, the president highlighted the increase in domestic demand as the “main growth factor,” while defending the importance of opening new avenues of trade relations outside the West, according to the TASS news agency.

“Returning to the path of growth should not relax us,” he warned, in a speech in which he pointed out that the “illegitimate restrictions” imposed in the last year could have negative effects “in the medium term.”

K. Tovar

Source: Al Arabiya

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