Bnext settles an alliance with Cacao PayCard to reach Latin America

The Spanish platform announced its arrival in South America with the financial solutions company, as well as its desire to expand to other countries

Mobile payment solutions are the alternative most sought after by customers thanks to the speed, security and trust provided by the various applications currently on the market.

One of the most recent developments in this regard is the alliance between the financial solutions company based on new technologies Cacao PayCard and the Spanish platform Bnext to provide services to Latin American countries.

From Mexico it was learned that the integration of Bnext to Cacao PayCard already exceeds 100,000 user accounts, who enjoy financial benefits, such as payments via mobile phone, receiving and sending money, payment of consumption for travel, processing of credits, payment of domestic services, among others.

The expansion of Bnext in Latin America is a sign of the need to open up to the new digital banking, which allows serving remote populations and unbanked sectors, among others.

Gerardo Bonilla, President / Founder of Cacao PayCard, has highlighted the work of the company through Cristian Huertas, Country Manager of Bnext México, who in his opinion “is a born entrepreneur, with experience and proven vision in Fintech (…). It has shown in a short time that the Bnext / Cacao alliance has been fundamental to achieve its objectives in Mexico.”


Source: cointelegraph

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