Bluesky, the alternative to Twitter that could soon hit the market

With a waiting list of more than a million users, the Bluesky network created by Jack Dorsey could soon break into the social networking market as an alternative to Twitter

In the midst of changes and controversies that haunt the social network Twitter, directed by Elon Musk, Internet users are anxiously awaiting the official launch of the alternative created by Jack Dorsey, called Bluesky.

The platform is in trial period for a selected group of users, accessed only by invitation. And there is a waiting list of more than a million potential customers.

In this regard, Forbes magazine and the Bloomberg News agency indicated on Tuesday they gave some details about how Bluesky is evolving, whose release date has not yet been revealed.

Dorsey has been working at Bluesky since 2019, when it was announced as “a project organized by Twitter to develop a decentralized protocol, under the premise of allowing users to have full control of their online identity, their account and their followers and to be able to transfer all of this to other platforms.”

According to Bloomberg, Dorsey’s project already has 245,000 downloads by iPhone users, with half of those downloads in April alone. Additionally, it has reported that the social network recently “launched a version of its application for Android, which according to media outlets that have seen it, is very similar in its presentation and operation to Twitter.”


With information from international media and news agencies

(Reference image source: Brooke Cagle, Unsplash)

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