Equality for workers, the great challenge of the ILO

International Worker's Day brings to the fore the pending tasks of the International Labor Organization in terms of equality and equity

The dignity of work, fair wages, equality for workers, are some of the challenges that persist in the labor field and that today, May 1, International Workers’ Day, are the slogan of millions of people in the world.

The International Labor Organization, through its director general Gilbert Houngbo, has proposed the Global Coalition for Social Justice, which “will allow the creation of a platform that facilitates the collaboration of a broad set of international organizations and interested parties. It will champion social justice as a key element in enabling global recovery and give it the necessary priority in national, regional and global policies and actions. This will enable us to forge a people-centric future.”

Houngbo also emphasizes, today more than ever, the need to review the laws in the labor sector, so that they are updated and go with the new times; “with a view to protecting workers and promoting sustainable companies”.

Social dialogue is essential between organizations and institutions in the sector to achieve positive results for the workforce.

For the Director General of the ILO, the focus must be on people, on their well-being. Hence, they need to achieve policies based on wage equity and equality of workers. Both pending tasks for agencies and governments.


With information from the International Labor Organization

(Reference image source: Thomas Kinto, Unsplash)

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