Bittrex launches Initial Exchange Offer

Bittrex sold tokens of VeriBlock in a few seconds, however some users are suspicious about the operation

The Malta-based Bittrex International subsidiary for non-US customers successfully developed its first Initial Exchange Offer (IEO).

Bittrex International sold the VeriBlock tokens (VBK) in its IEO in a time of 10.4 seconds. The sale was made to 855 buyers, of which 142 people bought the maximum amount established: 200,000 VBK.

It should be noted that the Initial Exchange Offer is a process that allows raising funds and is very similar to an Initial Offer of Currencies (ICO) but using an exchange.

The sale of tokens began at 16:00 UTC on Tuesday, April 2 and according to the official account of Bittrex on Twitter, it ended in the following 10 seconds.

The price of each token quoted approximately USD $ 0.1 and the supply was 70,000,000 VBK, equivalent to 7 million dollars.


Source:Diario Bitcoin

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