Payment methods are a must for digitization

A study carried out by the Zucchetti company determined that payment methods are not a tool reserved exclusively for large companies

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software systems “are no longer a tool reserved for large companies, but have become the key to digital transformation in small and medium-sized companies” thanks to pay-per-view models, according to a new guide prepared by the Zucchetti company.

Under the title “ERP as a service. Benefits of SaaS or pay-per-use solutions for digital transformation”, the company’s experts analyze the advantages of the ‘SaaS’ (Software as a Service) model for companies of all sizes that want to face the digital transformation in the current context, marked by the consequences of the pandemic and the growth of working from home.

“Today there are new models of access and use of ERP, as well as new solutions in the cloud, which allow us to have an advanced tool that is compatible with new technologies without assuming the technical costs of installing, maintaining and updating the hardware”, details the document.

In this way, an SME can hire this software based on their needs and access technologies such as the integration of eCommerce, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence for data analysis, robotics, Virtual and Augmented Reality and IoT for Industry 4.0, among other solutions.

The guide, available on the Zucchetti website, analyzes the different existing ERP payment models and focuses on SaaS, its benefits for Industry 4.0, its functionalities and the advantages of working with an ERP SaaS in the cloud. In addition, it sets the guidelines for a correct implementation, based on its extensive experience in the sector.

Source: dpa

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