BionicOpter dragonfly is the largest robotic insect

The Guinness World Records have included in their new publication a new category within their robot and have recognized the BionicOpter dragonfly-shaped device as the world's largest flying robotic insect

BionicOpter is a bionic robot developed by the German automation provider Festo and is inspired by the flight of the dragonfly. Through its wing-beating structure, it can fly in all directions, as well as rise in line like a helicopter, or fly and glide horizontally like a glider.

In a statement from the company, the Head of Corporate Bionic Projects, Karoline von Häfen, said: “It is fascinating what we can learn from nature. Curiosity and joy keep trying new stuff”.

The artificial dragonfly of Festo can be controlled through a smartphone and has a wingspan of 63 centimeters and a body length of 44, while its weight is only 175 grams.

The structure of the wings consists of a carbon fiber frame and a sheet lining. In addition, with its intelligent kinematics it balances flight variations and guarantees stable planning both indoors and outdoors.

Source: dpa

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