New malware attacks Android applications

Joker is the name of the new virus and it acts from Android Google Play Store, where it is hiden

The download of applications is an activity digital technology users do every day. Nevertheless, by doing so they are exposed to viruses and more sophisticated cyber attacks.

The malware Joker has been recently identified. It has infected more than 24 Android applications from the Google Play Store where it is encrypted and hiden from users.

Joker replicated very rapidly through the millions of app downloaded all over the world. The malware can kidnap users data and subscribe them to several services and then steal their money.

Google reacted very quickly and confirmed the elimination of various apps. However, it was very late since about 472,000 downloads had already taken place.

In order to warn the users, they published a list with the apps affected by malware Joker: Age Face, Altar Message, Antivirus Security – Security Scan, Beach Camera, Board picture editing, Certain Wallpaper, Climate SMS, Collate Face Scanner, Cute Camera, Dazzle Wallpaper, Declare Message, Display Camera, Great VPN, Humour Camera, Ignite Clean, Leaf Face Scanner, Mini Camera, Print Plant scan, Rapid Face Scanner, Reward Clean, Ruddy SMS, Soby Camera and Spark Wallpap.


Fuente: Tekcrispy

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