Bank of Germany in negotiations to invest in cryptocurrencies

Deutsche Bank is in talks with crypto companies in Germany to join this market

In an effort to revive its growth, Deutsche Bank has started talks with companies in the crypto sector in Germany.

The German bank, through Deutsche Bank’s asset management arm DWS Group, is in “negotiations to buy a minority stake in Deutsche Digital Assets, a provider of exchange-traded products.”

Likewise, as indicated by the executive director of DWS Group, Stefan Hoops, they are analyzing a relationship with the commercial firm Tradias, of Bankhaus Scheich, “a major German securities trading bank.”

This change in Deutsche Bank’s position is part of the search to stabilize and reactivate its growth after the turbulence experienced in 2022, with the departure of some 20,000 million euros and a drop of 107,000 million in assets.

Hoops has been a longtime cryptocurrency advocate. Recently, he declared that the low prices of assets in the market could be the door to new investment opportunities.


Source: diariobitcoin

(Reference image source: André François McKenzie, Unsplash)

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