Bancamiga’s volunteering maintains and demonstrates commitment to social actions

The President of Bancamiga's Board of Directors, Carmelo De Grazia, stated that these are collaborators of the institution driven by a great spirit of service

To provide selfless support in service actions for the benefit of Venezuelan society, some of which have a worldwide effect, Bancamiga has a team of volunteers made up of 85 collaborators from different units of the organization.

The President of the Board of Directors of Bancamiga Banco Universal, Carmelo De Grazia, stated that these are people who take a break from their work day or commit hours of their weekend to support community or environmental activities that are promoted by his spirit of service.

A statement from the financial institution reports that, last Saturday, August 12, about twenty volunteers participated in the reforestation day of Parque del Este in the city of Caracas, an initiative that seeks to enhance the majesty of this space, through the restoration of some areas of this important place.

That day, the volunteers joined bank employees and staff from the Ministry of People’s Power for Ecosocialism (Minec) and the National Institute of Parks (Inparques) to promote a project that contemplates replacing, in the area of ​​Gran 8 and its adjacencies, a total of 135 native trees such as chaguaramos, date palms, fan palms, samanes, araguaneyes, linnets, apamates, among other varieties, in keeping with the original design of the Brazilian architect Roberto Burle Marx.

De Grazia hopes that this spirit of solidarity will continue to grow and that more and more employees will join the Bancamiga Corporate Volunteer Service

“The effort of both the volunteers and the collaborators who decided to support the planting of trees showed Bancamiga’s spirit of cooperation and leadership, and strengthened teamwork skills. Everyone’s participation guaranteed the success of the day”, said De Grazia.

Based on their interests and preferences and the needs of the bank, the volunteers have been organized to offer their efforts in the lines of action that Bancamiga advances in terms of social responsibility: environment, education, sports, recreation and culture.

On that same day of reforestation in the Parque del Este, the volunteers wore their corporate chemise.

With information from Bancamiga

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