Bancamiga strengthens its corporate social responsibility program

The Venezuelan bank achieves this through its programs of Corporate Social Responsibility to the group represented by Alfredo Porteles and Alberto Blanco: the scientific group Explora

As part of the strategic objectives of the Bancamiga Banco Universal, Corporate Social Responsibility alliances continue to be supported in its different spheres of action: Culture, Sports, Health and Environment. This was announced by Alberto Blanco and Alfredo Porteles representatives of the alliances between the Scientific Group and the private institutions.

For Carmelo De Grazia, spokesperson for the social responsibility programs, the new alliances represent an opportunity to continue demonstrating that the commitment of Bancamiga Banco Universal is not only with its clients and collaborators, but also with other institutions as well as foundations that need the support of the private sector.

“In the environmental axis, an agreement was signed with the Group Explora to support communication and for the diffusion of different scientific projects, besides being able to feel proud of participate as allies in publications of both scientific and social interest,” expressed Carmelo de Grazia as an important part of the agreements.

Bancamiga has also consolidated and developed alliances with Unicef through the programs “Music is my voice” and “Schools Community”, in addition to participating in its traditional marathon that has been organized for 5 consecutive years. The bank has also worked with the Tatuando Sonrisas Foundation with whom over 30 low-income children from different states of Venezuela have received surgery, said Alfredo Porteles, another spokesman from the institution.

With information from Bancamiga

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