Bancamiga opens an agency in San Cristóbal

Among the benefits for the clients is the opening of accounts in Colombian pesos

To offer the possibility of opening accounts in bolivars, in foreign currency and also in Colombian pesos, Bancamiga inaugurated this Monday its agency in San Cristóbal, which will allow clients to get closer to the bank’s innovative products and services.

In their spaces, a team of six professionals led by manager Hilda Porras, with 26 years in the financial system, will guide clients on opening accounts, how to participate in the Exchange Desk and on the potential of Points of Sale. Bancamiga, the most versatile and modern on the market. They are immediately delivered, wireless and have Contactless technology (without contact).

Also at the agency, customers will be able to use the Mastercard Debit Card, which among its benefits, in addition to contactless payment, include the possibility of making purchases online, using it at national and international points of sale and withdrawing cash from international ATMs.

“From this agency we will promote the food sector, which is very strong in the country in the field of legumes. Also to technological ventures that are carried out in the region. This is an innovative bank with products and services that meet the needs of customers,” said Porras.

The agency is located in the Sambil Shopping Center and joins the other 34 that Bancamiga Banco Universal has in the country, 12 of which were opened in the last two years: La Rinconada, Porlamar, Acarigua, Guanare and Maracaibo in 2021. and El Tigre, Barquisimeto Este, Puerto Cabello, Coro, Ciudad Ojeda, Cagua and San Cristóbal in 2022.

Interesting union and combination of perspectives

For the executive president of Bancamiga, Ariel José Martínez Coujil, the branch that is opening in San Cristóbal is led by a work team that combines youth and experience, with professionals from the banking sector and private companies, which adds an interesting union and combination of perspectives, which will surely be very beneficial for the organization and the clients.

“We are committed to bank the largest number of Venezuelans and to bring the latest technology products and services to all corners of Venezuela.”

With information from Bancamiga

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