LinkedIn implements automatic spam detection tools

The business-oriented social network LinkedIn announced the implementation of a new tool that automatically detects spam

LinkedIn has introduced new tools for automatic detection of unwanted messages or ‘spam’, along with two tabs that classify them according to the learning algorithm that has indicated whether they are legitimate messages or not.

The ‘Focused’ button will be introduced in the inbox of the Messages section of the platform, for relevant messages of interest to users, while the rest will be saved in ‘Others’.

The company has not detailed when it will implement this feature, but it has clarified that it will be optional, so that it can be activated or deactivated according to the needs of the users.


In order to carry out this task, LinkedIn will use an automatic learning system that will classify these messages and automatically detect those that are ‘spam’ or unwanted, according to media such as TechCrunch.

The platform has commented that every second, a total of 21 direct messages (inMails) are sent with different job opportunities or vacancies. These may be mixed with other messages and, therefore, the inbox may overwhelm. For this reason, he believes that this new tool seeks to improve the experience on the platform, both for workers and recruiters.

This ‘online’ job search service has also confirmed that messages considered ‘spam’ will include a button to inform the platform of an inappropriate message.

As TechCrunch has verified, this functionality is being tested in small groups, although the company has indicated that it will be rolling out this functionality globally soon.

Source: dpa

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