Bancamiga invites you to participate in the Entrepreneurship Route program

The UNDP methodology for business development is aimed at owners of productive units with one to three years of operation, dedicated to production, commerce or services. Those interested in participating have until April 15 to register

Bancamiga opened the call for people interested in participating in the Entrepreneurship Route program, a business development methodology of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) that provides training services and specialized technical advice to enterprises, micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs).

For owners of productive units with one and three years of operation, dedicated to production, commerce or services (preferably technology-based), the Entrepreneurship Route program is an alternative with proven effectiveness to optimize businesses that have growth potential. Entrepreneurs from other Latin American countries have confirmed the effectiveness of this program.

Carmelo De Grazia, president of the Board of Directors of Bancamiga Banco Universal, celebrates “the cooperation alliance with the UNDP in Venezuela for the second consecutive year, which will allow it to strengthen training initiatives for Venezuelans as part of its social responsibility policy, to contribute to the economic growth of the country.”

The methodology developed by the UNDP and transferred to Bancamiga for implementation in Venezuela has a limited quota: 40 enterprises or MSMEs interested in developing their capabilities and growing their businesses in the short term will be selected.

A statement from the banking institution informs that the program, which lasts approximately nine months, is completely online, so participants must have a stable internet connection and access to their own or third-party computing equipment, as well as availability of 6 hours a week minimum for training or consulting processes. In addition, they must have basic knowledge of Office applications (Word, Excel and Power Point).

Contents of the training and consulting program

“Entrepreneurship Route” trains and accompanies participants based on the level of consolidation of each business initiative, with the purpose of promoting their productive and commercial management with criteria of sustainability over time.

In the first part of the program, participants train in Human Skills for entrepreneurship, which include aspects such as relational styles, personal and business emotions, communication styles, team management, situational leadership, negotiation and management. of conflicts.

The second training block focuses on the different aspects of the Business Model and group consultations are carried out to help entrepreneurs in the development of products or services, profile the client and define the market segment, establish the value proposition, as well as developing and testing the minimum viable product, among others.

Once their business model has been defined, the teams of the participating companies have the opportunity to deepen their knowledge on essential Marketing and Commercialization topics; Accounting and Finance or Strategy and Operations, in order to achieve a better fit of your commercial offer in the market.

Strategic alliance between Bancamiga and UNDP

Since 2022, Bancamiga and UNDP Venezuela have an institutional cooperation agreement for the consolidation of joint strategies to provide financial and non-financial services to national entrepreneurs and small business owners, as well as make joint efforts to contribute to the achievement of the Goals of Sustainable development.

Last year, the strategic alliance allowed Bancamiga to put into practice another methodology of the multilateral entity called “En Marcha Digital”, which increased the digital capabilities of 80 small productive units. This 2024, giving continuity to the established agreements, the Entrepreneurship Route will be implemented, a methodology that will allow expanding the non-financial services offered by Bancamiga to Venezuelan entrepreneurs and MSMEs.

Those interested in participating in the Entrepreneurship Route can do it until April 15 by entering and completing the registration form. People who register may be contacted to verify the information provided.

With information and reference image provided by Bancamiga and the UNDP

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