Authorities warn of an increase in crimes linked to sales sites in Venezuela

The Scientific, Penal and Criminal Investigations Corps (CICPC) has issued an alert on the increase in crimes against citizens who agree to purchases through sales web pages

In Venezuela, the increase in crimes against citizens who agree to transactions through sales web pages is notorious. In this regard, this week the head of the CICPC Computer Expertise Division, Pascual González, issued an alert to the population.

González indicated that the number of criminal acts is increasing “through the Marketplace e-commerce page and the theft of personal information by the WhatsApp instant messaging application.”

From the Computer Division of the police force, they indicated that the cases began to grow at the beginning of 2020, for which they have continued to investigate sales, particularly through Marketplace, which is operated from the Facebook social network.

This portal preferentially offers vehicles at very tempting prices, below the market. Cybercriminals and organized gangs are presumably behind such offers. In this sense, Pascual González recommends not “negotiating vehicles that are below the price or going to the site where they are quoted.” On the contrary, it urges citizens to go to the CICPC headquarters so that they can provide them with the necessary help.

Regarding the theft of information through WhatsApp, the modality used is a telephone call to the user, from national or international numbers, to ask them to deliver a verification code from this social network that reaches their phone. By doing so, attackers gain illegal access to WhatsApp and steal data or demand ransom money.

It is important to highlight that due to this increase in crimes linked to sales web pages, the CICPC’s Division of Computer Expertise created the web page, “in order for citizens to can report and request advice on this type of crime committed through various digital platforms.” There they highlight tips, prevention measures, information on new technological modalities of cybercriminals, in addition to the procedures to make complaints if necessary.


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Source: reporteconfidencial

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