Joe Biden launches plan to regularize migrants without legal status

The President of the United States, Joe Biden, announced a plan that will grant residence permits to migrants without legal status, in addition to work permits, among others

Migrants without legal status could benefit from a new plan from United States President Joe Biden, which provides for residence and employment permits for those who are married to US citizens, have graduated from local universities or have entered the country as children.

According to the Government’s announcement this Tuesday, the new program “will allow the regularization of more than half a million migrants living in the country without legal status.”

The program will allow immigrants without a residence permit but who are married to Americans, in addition to their children, to obtain said permit “without having to leave the country to apply for it.”

It will be a relief for those foreigners who have been living in the United States for at least 10 years “and are married to a US citizen before June 17, 2024,” the White House said.

Government estimates suggest that nearly 500,000 immigrants, added to some 50,000 stepchildren of US citizens, will be able to benefit from the new plan. However, it is clear that the authorities will review each application and those that are approved will have a period of three years to request permanent residence.

During that time, they will be able to remain in the country “and apply for a work permit of up to three years. Once permanent residence, also known as a green card, has been obtained, the beneficiary can apply for citizenship.”

Biden’s new plan also seeks to make it easier to “obtain work visas for graduates of American higher education centers, as long as they have received a highly qualified job offer.”


Source: DW

(Reference image source: Unsplah+, in collaboration with Getty Images)

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