ECLAC improved growth forecasts for Latin America

The Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) released this Tuesday the growth projection for America, with a slight increase for 2022, which positions it at 2.7 %

ECLAC indicated this Tuesday that the growth projection for Latin America and the Caribbean went from 1.8 to 2.7 %, which shows a slight increase. The agency gave details of GDP expansion on Tuesday when announcing forecasts for economic growth in the region.

During the presentation of the report, ECLAC made it clear that Latin America is still facing a series of crises that have undermined its growth. This, together with other factors, such as the increase in inflation on the world stage, the depreciation of the currency in various countries, and the application of economic sanctions, have resulted in a brake on growth.

Daniel Titelman, Director of Economic Development at ECLAC, has described the outlook as a “very difficult situation” because current conditions anchor the region to “a trend and a low growth trajectory that was already observed before the pandemic very strongly”.

Regarding the projected growth rate for South America, this is estimated at 2.6 %, where Venezuela tops the list with 10 %. For Central America, a growth of 4.1 % is expected, where Panama has 7 %. And, finally, for the Caribbean a growth of 10.2 % is expected, “although this subregion reaches 4.7 % if Guyana (52%) is excluded.”


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