Auchan expands blockchain tracking solution to 5 countries

Auchan, an important global retail company, has announced the expansion of its TE-FOOD blockchain solution in order to improve transparency in the supply of products

FoodChain is a form of registration of traceability information applied by Auchan for TE-FOOD. Initially, tests were applied at the company’s branch in Vietnam, which lasted for 18 months. Currently, they have decided to extend operations in 5 countries: France, Portugal, Italy, Spain and Senegal.

The blockchain sales monitoring system allows to track different categories of selected products, from their departure from the farm until they reach the consumers’ table. Also, information about quality and related logistics is provided.

Auchan consumers can use their mobile devices to scan the QR codes on the product label and thus appreciate the history of the food. The authenticity of the information is verified in TE-FOOD, the global traceability book of FoodChain.

Italy will implement block technology to track products such as tomato and chicken, while in Spain it will be applied to locally grown exotic fruits and Iberian pork products. For their part, Portugal and Senegal will use the tool for their chicken supply chains.

The implementation of the blockchain in the food supply chains is a new measure, and several companies have considered it. It involves not only Auchan, but others like the giant Walmart, Carrefour and Albert Heijn.


Source: Coincrispy

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