Argentine companies soar on the New York Stock Exchange

After the victory of Javier Milei, Argentine companies began to show an increase in their shares

Argentine companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange experienced an impressive increase in their values during the first hours of trading on Wall Street, with increases that in many cases exceeded the double-digit threshold.

Standing out for its extraordinary rise and volume, YPF recorded a 36% increase in the first 40 minutes after opening; Another company in the sector, Transportadora Gas del Sur, also saw a solid increase of 22%, while Pampa Energía had a more moderate increase of 7%.

In the banking and financial sector, Grupo Financiero Galicia led the increases with an impressive 23%; Banco Macro was not far behind, with an increase of 19%; Cresud experienced a 21% increase; BBVA Argentina, a solid 16%; and Grupo Supervielle, a respectable 12%.

The Loma Negra cement company also added to the gains with an increase of 12%; steelmaker Tenari achieved a modest increase of 1.8%, while Telecom Argentina saw an increase of 4%.

With banking and exchange operations inactive in Argentina, attention is focused on the behavior of the so-called “Bitcoin dollar”, one of the numerous alternative quotes in the South American country, which has experienced a strong rebound since Milei’s victory last Sunday , exceeding the mark of 1,000 pesos per unit.

K. Tovar

Source: Bancaynegocios

(Referential image source: X,@Gonurel)

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