AnyCryptoStock, the first crypto stock exchange 

The decentralized exchange enables stock trading through Crypto Stock Foundation 

AnyCryptoStock is the first cryptocurrency exchange to function as a decentralized exchange, as announced in a press release on Cointelegraph

Now the exchange will allow the trading of shares through crypto, which will be issued by the Crypto Stock Foundation through pairs of USxD stablecoins.

The intention of its creators is to adapt the platform to the regulations offered by the Crypto Stock Foundation service in order to promote a financial instrument that serves both professional and retail traders, thus bringing together a broad crypto market.

As specified by AnyCryptoStock developers, this exchange “could be the future of investments”, ensuring that to date “the world of traditional finance has been exclusive to some traders and investors” and with AnyCryptoStock the independence of investment budget is critical.

In addition, its clients will have the “ability to start trading on Google, Facebook, Netflix, among many others”, as the company assured, and it is expected that the platform can issue more shares in crypto in order to provide a range of wide options to its client portfolio.


Source: Cointelegraph

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