Gamium launches Didit, a solution to have a universal digital identity

The startup Gamium, specialized in digital identity, announced the launch of Didit, a solution that will reduce the risk of online fraud

The startup specialized in digital identity technologies Gamium launched on Tuesday Didit, a solution capable of providing any Internet user with a “unique and universal digital identity”, to have greater control of their data and reduce the risk of online fraud.

The company aims to provide people with a universal digital identity that “they can use throughout the Internet” and that manages to give them back control of their data. To do this, they use technology such as blockchain, data analysis and artificial intelligence (AI).

Didit is a solution with which all Internet users can be provided with this “digital identity”. As they explain through a statement, it is a ‘software’ protocol that uses blockchain technology and acts as an intermediary between users and any digital service. In this way, Didit becomes an identity layer to be used throughout the Internet. In other words, it offers the possibility that users can authenticate themselves in the different web pages or applications with a single account and in an “easy and fast” way.

“We realized that many of the current problems of the Internet have as a common root the lack of identification on the part of the users,” said the co-founder of Gamium Alejandro Rosas, who also made reference to the risks of ‘online’ fraud. that take place due to lack of identification.

That is why Gamium has worked to create a “universal, interoperable and decentralized” identity that has resulted in the Didit solution, according to Alejandro.

In addition, this solution allows you to connect a digital wallet with services of all kinds, so it also allows financial transactions to be carried out with “a single click”. It also makes it possible to carry out actions such as data transfer between applications while maintaining security.

From Gamium they see the creation of a universal digital identity as “essential”, as technologies such as AI or the Metaverse continue to grow and be used more frequently. In this sense, they declare that having a digital identity will be the only way to be able to interact digitally “in a safe and reliable way”.

Fragmented digital identity issues

Digital identity will help prevent online crime (Reference image source: Unsplash in collaboration with Getty Images)
Digital identity will help prevent online crime (Reference image source: Unsplash in collaboration with Getty Images)

Following this line, the company has also detailed some of the problems caused by the lack of a united digital identity system. In this sense, he recalled how “tedious” the registration processes are for users. Likewise, it has indicated that the management of information and registration data in applications and web pages “does not always respect privacy”.

Another of the big problems that Gamium has referred to is the increase in fraud, theft and unauthorized use of personal and financial data, as well as identity theft. This problem can cause problems in the operation of a company, in its trust towards customers, its credibility or even cause problems of economic losses.

“For companies that operate online, integrating a protocol like Didit means optimizing registration processes, a simple and secure identification of their users and flexible, instantaneous and 100 percent secure payment processes”, said the co-founder of Gamium Alberto Rosas.

This initiative is shared with the European Union which, according to Gamium, stated that by 2030 close to 80 % of European citizens should be able to access key public services with their digital identity. Similarly, the EU is also studying the development of the Digital Euro, destined to become the next form that money will take.

In this regard, Didit already includes wallet technology and digital signatures and allows it to be “easily” integrated into third-party applications and websites through its API and an SDK. In fact, Didit is open to all users who “at some point have signed up for a digital wallet.”

Source: dpa

(Reference image source: Gamium, Europa Press / dpa)

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