China asks the US to withdraw tariffs on its products

The Government of the Asian country expressed its desire that the new management of Joe Biden lift these restrictions on companies and institutions

The Chinese government expressed its desire that the United States carry out a review of its policies “as soon as possible” and withdraw tariffs on Chinese products, as well as sanctions on companies and educational and scientific institutions of the Asian giant after the “serious errors of judgment “made by the previous US Administration.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi regretted that relations between the two powers have deviated from the normal path in recent years and have fallen into the “most difficult situation since the establishment of diplomatic relations” due to the political needs of the former US government, which Beijing accuses of committing “serious errors of judgment and distorted interpretations of China’s trends and policies.”

“The various dissuasive and repressive actions introduced generated incalculable damage to relations between the two countries“, detailed Wang Yi for whom it is necessary to tear down the artificially erected walls between the two countries if it is to put Chinese-Americans relations on track.

“China is pleased to see greater success of American companies in China and will continue to take effective measures to improve China’s business environment. At the same time, it hopes that the United States will adjust its policies as soon as possible, abandon imposing unreasonable tariffs to Chinese products and the implementation of various policies against Chinese companies, educational and scientific research institutions“, said Wang Yi.

K. Tovar

Source: Deutsche Welle

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