Alexa upgrade could include a monthly cost

Amazon announced that it is studying charging a monthly cost for the Alexa digital assistant in its next update

The next update of Amazon’s Alexa digital assistant could include a monthly charge, taking into account the improvements planned by the company.

The revolutionary tool that is now present in homes around the world could have a cost due to improvements that will undoubtedly include new advances based on artificial intelligence.

Amazon is working on a new renovation project for Alexa with generative AI. This is an advance to adapt to the current market, although it could cost customers between $5 and $10 a month starting next September.

However, leaked information about this idea has shown that those who cannot pay this monthly fee will continue to have today’s Alexa service.

The Alexa update could arrive in the last quarter of the year. It is developed under the code name “Banyan”, and according to a company spokesperson, different Alexa components have already incorporated generative AI and continue working to implement it in the more than 500 million devices in homes around the world.


Source: computerhoy

(Reference image source: Jonathan Borba in Unsplash)

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