Bancamiga promotes training of entrepreneurs in Caracas

More than 100 people with business initiatives were trained in key topics such as financing, investment plans, marketing and promotion

Bancamiga took its training program for entrepreneurs to the La Pastora parish, in Caracas, where it held the Sustainable Entrepreneurship forum, Tools and opportunities, designed to develop participants’ essential skills and optimize their business models.

Bancamiga’s social management focuses on training as a fundamental instrument that can help people with business initiatives achieve their goals and have a positive impact on the country’s economy, said José Simón Elarba, majority shareholder of Bancamiga.

The forum took place at the San Judas Tadeo Sanctuary with the participation of more than 100 entrepreneurs from La Pastora and adjacent areas, and is new evidence of Bancamiga’s sensitive fiber to contribute to the social development of the country, he added.

The public had the opportunity to listen to lectures by Luis Moreno, entrepreneurship and innovation coach, and Martha Lucero, brand advisor and strategic marketing facilitator.

Likewise, Oskayda Alvarado, Entrepreneurship Manager of Bancamiga, participated, who presented the bank’s portfolio of financial instruments, highlighting the options aimed at entrepreneurs who intend to promote the production of goods and services to join the economic development of the country.

Expert support with Bancamiga Banco Universal

“I think it is a great initiative by Bancamiga to be able to give this training opportunity to entrepreneurs from popular communities. I think it is a very important investment, because it is boosting the productive capacity” of Venezuelans, said speaker Luis Moreno.

For her part, brand expert Martha Lucero highlighted that “entrepreneurship has been one of the responses of Venezuelans to get ahead. But one of the difficulties encountered is that people are not professionals in entrepreneurship,” but with “training like these, entrepreneurs have the necessary information to do it well.”

Tools that promote the production of goods and services

Karelis Caraballo, leader of the Mia Alegrías decorations business, thanked the forum for holding it: “I feel that it is a program of growth, feedback and advancement for us entrepreneurs, by giving us tools to do things well. I am a Bancamiga customer and I recommend them one hundred percent.”

Mónica Ramos said that she is developing a business manufacturing aromatic candles and stated when leaving the forum that she thought it was “excellent, they gave us many tools that I didn’t know about, not only to undertake but also rules. Very good information about economics, production, how to make a client fall in love with you.”

“I have high expectations, with a great desire to continue entrepreneurship, to continue growing and betting on Venezuela and to continue making a quality product for all people,” said Lisbeth Villegas, who runs the Cachapas Cinco Estrellas gastronomic venture.

With information and reference image provided by Bancamiga Banco Universal

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