Access to health: Unimet and Venemergencia innovate with elective subjects

It was created to celebrate World Health Day as an effective initiative

The Department of Comprehensive Development of the Faculty of Humanities of the Metropolitan University and the Venemergencia Foundation join efforts to improve access to health in Venezuela with the creation of the elective subject: Comprehensive Medical Assistance, an opportunity for all students to acquire tools that allow them to save lives, as first responders, in medical emergencies.

Comprehensive Medical Assistance is a theoretical-practical subject, which manages the highest quality standards, taking the best of the curriculum of the American Heart Association (AHA), and the manual for the Management of Prehospital Trauma, of the College American Society of Surgeons (Prehospital Trauma Life Support – PHTLS).

The incorporation of subjects that are distinctive for the comprehensive profile of its graduates is part of the mission with which the Metropolitan University (UNIMET) trains professionals recognized for their ethics, leadership and entrepreneurial capacity. “Starting in April 2024, students will have the alternative of the Comprehensive Medical Assistance elective, a subject that gives them the freedom to prepare with skills that allow them to create competitive advantages based on differentiation,” said Franco Roversi, director of Studies. General and Basic.

Whether professional, community, or personal, knowing how to respond to medical emergencies is a skill that can make a difference in any environment. “We are very proud to celebrate World Health Day with this alliance between UNIMET and the Venemergencia Foundation with which thousands of future educators, engineers, psychologists and lawyers, among others, will no longer only be key actors for the development of the sector. productive, but they will be able to be a fundamental part in the chain of survival of patients,” added Dr. Andrés Simón González-Silén, founding partner of Venemergencia.

Access to educational content inherent to prehospital care is vital to establish cultural dynamics in which all people, according to their abilities, are able to provide appropriate responses to medical emergencies. The Comprehensive Medical Assistance subject promotes the transversal inclusion of health capabilities that strengthen citizen practice through co-responsibility with the community and society in general.

About Venemergencia

Venemergencia is Venezuela’s comprehensive assistance platform, dedicated to improving the quality of life of Venezuelans with health and auto services, it is the only one in the country with ISO 9001:2015 certification for its Quality Management System. A modern system that operates at a preventive level, offering services focused on providing a primary diagnosis to avoid unnecessary visits to clinics and also taking care of Venezuelans’ vehicles, offering better quality of care for users and reducing operating costs. It has the largest fleet of ambulances, tow trucks, cars and motorcycle ambulances in the country and its services are available 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

It is a Venezuelan company, founded by Venezuelans, with private and national capital, specialists in development and implementation of services aimed at solving real needs. With 20 years of experience in the implementation of innovative business models, it has positioned itself as a leader in technological innovation, at the service of clients to always be present! in the daily lives of Venezuelans.

For more information, you can check: [email protected].

With information and reference images provided by Venemergencia and Unimet

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