WhatsApp will allow users to recover deleted messages

The instant messaging network WhatsApp incorporated in its update a function to recover deleted messages

The WhatsApp social network decided to update its functions and now incorporated the possibility of recovering a deleted message using the “Delete for me” option.

The platform incorporated the function to delete messages or multimedia files through two options, ‘Delete for me’ and ‘Delete for everyone’. If the last option is selected, you will have two days to delete it.

In both cases, to end a message, you must open the WhatsApp conversation or group to which it was sent and click on said text, image, or video.

Next, a menu is displayed at the top of the interface, where you can see the trash icon. If a message is deleted by clicking on the “for everyone” option, the message “You deleted this message to the sender and receiver” will appear in the same place where it was in the conversation.

The instant messaging platform will also allow group calls of up to 32 people, take surveys or use the same account on two mobiles.


Source: doblellave

(Photo: 20minutos.es, via web)

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