Washington confirms contacts with Venezuela to lift sanctions in exchange for free elections

Statements by a senior White House official confirmed that the United States has a strong interest in negotiating with Venezuela a lifting of sanctions on the condition that free elections are held in the country

A senior White House official has confirmed the United States’ interest in negotiating with the Venezuelan government and even lifting the sanctions imposed on the Latin American country as long as a free election process is guaranteed.

“Yes. We have conversations on certain necessary issues with them, but our focus is to support the effort of the Unitary Platform, which has presented a very sensible and pragmatic electoral calendar,” said the director of the National Security Council for the Western Hemisphere of the White House, Juan González, in an interview with the German channel Deutsche Welle.

The approach of the Government of the United States to Venezuela is based on supporting a negotiation process and making it clear that the sanctions would be lifted as long as concrete steps are taken that allow Venezuelans to “choose freely,” he explained.

The US diplomat has highlighted that the democratic space has been closed in Venezuela and for this reason the US government supports the return of the government to a democratic path.

“We have made it clear that the route is electoral. It is not regime change. It is letting Venezuelans decide. Not imposing a result on the country’s leadership,” he added.

The presidential elections in Venezuela are scheduled for 2024, but President Nicolás Maduro himself has speculated about a possible advance of the elections.

Source: dpa

(Reference image source: Bermix Studio, Unsplash)

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