Washington banned the mining of cryptocurrencies

The city of Ephrata carried out a voting process to restrict the production of digital currency for a period of 12 months

The city Ephrata, located in the district of Washington, prohibited this week any type of cryptocurrency mining activity.

This decision was taken by the city council, after a voting process that sought the blocking of this type of operations for a period of 12 months. Six members voted in favor, while only one disagreed with the measure.

The only one to disagree, Matt More, indicated that this prohibition can have negative consequences for the economic development of the city.

“There is no giving up any big or small economic opportunity,” More said. On the other hand, he argued that the factors responsible for determining the viability of cryptocurrency operations do not form part of the city’s powers.

Despite all this, the new measure will only apply to those farms o be installed; those that were already in operation will not be affected.

K. Tovar

Source: Spokesman

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