Spain will launch Europe’s first reusable rocket

The date is still unknown, although it has been speculated that the launch of the first reusable rocket called Miura 1 could occur in late 2023

Spanish engineers Raúl Torres and Raúl Verdú, from the launch company PLD Space, have worked on the first reusable rocket called Miura 1, which could be put into orbit at the end of this year.

Miura 1 is the first reusable rocket. It consists of a suborbital microshuttle with a planned launch from Huelva.

According to the CEO of PLD Space, Ezequiel Sánchez, who this Saturday presented the rocket at a military base with the assistance of President Pedro Sánchez, with this advance the country is placed at the technological forefront.

The Miura 1 has an average height of a three-story building. Its load capacity is 100 kilos, “and it can also be used to transport experiments in zero gravity.”

In other news related to the aerospace sector, the government recently announced the award of a budget of 750 million euros, for the first year, to the Spanish Space Agency, based in Seville.



(Reference image source: social networks)

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