Volkswagen to test its autonomous vehicles in China

On their initial tour, the innovative cars will pass through schools, stores, hospitals and different communities

German automaker Volkswagen said it will test its autonomous driving service in China once the first road test plate is delivered to the company.

According to the German company, road tests are scheduled for September this year in the Haiheng community of Hefei, capital of Anhui province, and aim to optimize the user experience.

In these tests, which will be carried out in the Asian giant, the vehicle will have to travel 16 square kilometers with a total road length of 80 kilometers. On this journey it is expected that the vehicles will pass through schools, stores, parks, hospitals and residential communities.

The first batch of 10 self-driving electric passenger vehicles will see the light of day in early 2021. Some 400,000 residents in Hefei could benefit.

For his part, Weiming Soh, executive vice president of Volkswagen Group China, said that the integration of the company’s software and hardware technologies allowed it to provide a driverless travel service to its customers.

“The pilot project is not only the largest cooperation agreement between Hefei and Volkswagen, but also a milestone in the development of Hefei’s smart city and its connected smart car industry,” said Wang Wensong, vice mayor of Hefei.

Taken and with information from DOBLELLAVE

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