Voice chat comes to Bing for desktop

Microsoft announced that Bing for desktop now offers users the new voice chat functionality

The new functionality that Microsoft has made available to Bing users is voice chat for the desktop version.

Advances in the implementation of artificial intelligence have slowed down in recent weeks, particularly in Europe, where proposals for stricter regulations aimed at user protection have emerged.

With regard to Microsoft and its innovations, at the moment it is known that users of the desktop version of Bing do not need to resort to Edge “to access the chatbot”. This could mean a drop in the use of Bing, now that many users can already opt for Bard in Chrome.

However, Microsoft continues with its plans to constantly offer improvements to Internet users. That is why it has launched voice chat, which at the moment is only available in “English, Japanese, French, German and Mandarin”, with the promise of expanding it to other languages ​​soon.

Using the functionality is simple. By clicking on the microphone icon, the chatbot will show the answers to the question raised in the form of text but also by voice message, thanks to the use of TTS (Text To Speech) technology.


Source: muycomputer

(Reference image source: Microsoft, Europa Press / dpa)

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