Alliance between TIM Brasil and Intersat to deploy 4G technology

The company TIM Brasil settled an alliance with Intersat to deploy 4G technology and offer sustainable connectivity to remote areas in Brazil

The companies TIM Brasil, a subsidiary of the TIM group telecommunications company, and Intersat, the largest operator of the integrated terrestrial and satellite network in the world, are working on expanding the “Sky Coverage service” project and incorporating new points in the northern region of Brazil in order to deploy 4G technology in the most remote areas of the country.

One of the objectives of the project is to develop coverage, which has more than 1,000 sites, to offer connectivity in a “sustainable way and without a network to the most remote areas of Brazil, where there is a lack of electricity network infrastructure.”

With the execution of the project, the companies expect to deploy the technology in all the municipalities of the Brazilian country by 2023. Sky Coverage will provide coverage to “neighborhoods, towns, highways and resorts, also using the satellite connection in remote areas”, expanding the reach of the networks with greater speed than the terrestrial ones.

In addition, they aspire to increase connectivity for the agribusiness sector, mainly for equipment and investments in the Internet of Things (IoT).

Digital inclusion in Brazil

The Director of Networks for TIM Brazil, Marco Di Costanzo, explained the importance of expanding 4G technology in Brazil, which will allow all areas of the country to be included in the digital world.

“Today we have the largest satellite backhaul in Latin America to support the expansion of 4G from north to south of the country. We want to accompany Brazil in digital inclusion with the Sky Coverage project and for that we have important partners, such as Intelsat, with whom we work especially in the northern region”, Di Costanzo highlighted.

For his part, Ricardo La Guardia, Regional Vice President of Intelsat, pointed out: “The reliability of the Intelsat network and its great coverage will allow TIM to provide higher quality services to its clients in these regions of difficult access and connectivity, in order to comply with the business objectives of the company and respecting its environmental, social and governance initiatives.”

He recalled that the company is responsible for “cellular backhaul in countries around the world, with fully managed solutions such as CellBackhaul in Europe, DRC, the United States and Japan.”

M. Rodríguez


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