Visa announced Tap to P2P payment method

During this Wednesday's Visa Payments Forum event in California, Visa announced the Tap to P2P payment system, which does not require authenticating the user's identity by email, SMS or communication with the bank

Visa CEO Ryan McInerney introduced the revolutionary payment modality called Tap to P2P during Wednesday’s Visa Payments Forum event in California.

This is a mechanism that turns every smartphone into a digital payment device. User authentication is carried out by simply placing the plastic card on the smartphone screen. The transaction does not request user data, nor is a text message or email sent, nor is communication with the bank requested.

This payment method, which translates into “Tap to pay, Tap to confirm, Tap to add card and Tap to P2P”, further facilitates transactions in stores but also allows the sending of remittances safely and quickly, as Eduardo clarified. Coello, regional president of Visa for Latin America and the Caribbean.

The executive also highlighted payment using biometric data (Visa Payment Passkey), since the client or user does not need to type anything on their phone or show a debit or credit card to carry out the required transaction.

Changes in payments have been rapid in recent years. The companies involved now have the assistance of Artificial Intelligence to speed up transactions, provide security to users and design practically personalized offers.


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