2022 promises regulatory clarity for the crypto market

The former US president, Rosa Ríos, believes that in the next year there will be greater availability to address the issue of crypto market regulation

Rosa Ríos, a former US treasurer, thinks that the year 2022 will provide greater regulatory clarity for the crypto market. This was recently pointed out by Ríos to CNBC’s ‘Make It’.

The former member, who is currently part of the board of directors of Ripple, the seventh crypto platform in capitalization and is used in cross-border operations, also highlighted that she hopes to see new players in the next year adopting the use of digital assets “or at least have a willingness to start these conversations and hopefully offer a way forward.

Last November the Federal Reserve and other regulators declared that “US lawmakers plan to clarify next year how banks and other financial institutions should handle cryptocurrencies.”

Key crypto market practicality and growth

On the other hand, Ríos made an exhortation for all those who are entering or have plans to join the crypto market or make investments in decentralized currencies and they should ask themselves if the product is practical and if it has growth potential.

According to Ríos, it is essential to find out what the intrinsic value of cryptocurrencies is. “I care a lot if it has intrinsic value”, explaining the concept how the asset can be used “responsibly” and if it can save time and money in the real world.

She pointed out that in terms of investments in cryptocurrencies, the “best seats” are already occupied “, emphasizing that” The train has already left the station “and the” ‘Blockchain’ technology is already here. “

M. Rodríguez

Source: El universal.com

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