Venezuelans abroad register to vote in the opposition Primaries

At the beginning of June, the platform for the registration of Venezuelans abroad who will vote in the opposition primary elections in October was activated. So far there are 24,800 records

The registration of Venezuelans abroad to participate in the primary elections to choose the opposition candidate in Venezuela, scheduled for next October, was activated at the beginning of this month.

According to information this weekend from the National Primary Commission (CNdP) in a statement, in the application activated for registration there are already some 24,800 people who have registered to exercise their right to vote in the primaries, and begin the campaign for the 2024 presidential elections.

It is important to point out that Venezuelans residing abroad, and registered in the Electoral Registry, had already updated their residence address to exercise their right in the more than 81 cities of 32 countries listed by the Venezuelan opposition.

Recently, due to the resignation of the rectors of the National Electoral Council (CNE), which generated uncertainty among voters regarding the accompaniment of the entity in the October primaries, the opposition declared that the elections will be manual.


Source: nuevodia

(Reference image source: Element5 Digital, Unsplash)

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