UK investigates Google and Apple

The UK Competition and Markets Authority initiated proceedings against both companies for an alleged duopoly

The UK Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has launched an investigation into a possible duopoly of mobile browsers operated by Apple and Google.

This analysis is based on a publication made in June and in which a Mobile Ecosystem Market Study is carried out, whose conclusions indicate that both have an absolute domain of mobile ecosystems.

“They have an effective duopoly that allows them to exercise absolute dominance over operating systems, app stores, and web browsers on mobile devices,” this document reads.

To justify this claim, the agency also mentions that, in 2021, 97 % of mobile web browsing in the UK was done through the technology and engines used by Apple and Google.

That, taking into account that there are currently more than 800,000 users of cloud gaming services, would indicate that both manufacturers are “harming businesses, slowing down innovation and adding unnecessary costs”.

On the other hand, the CMA comments that “potentially disruptive innovations are being held back by the restrictions imposed by Apple” and stresses that the devices it manufactures, as well as its application store and that of Google, the search advertising services of this another and the prices applied “are above a competitive rate”.

K. Tovar

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