Colombia will build two large artificial intelligence centers

According to the MinTIC of Colombia, the country will invest USD 200,000 million in two AI supercenters to provide the country with solutions in various areas. They will be in Bogotá and Zipaquirá

The Colombian government announced through MinTIC spokespersons the construction of two artificial intelligence (AI) megacenters in Bogotá and Zi0paquirá, respectively, through an investment of USD 200,000 million.

Mauricio Lizcano, head of MinTIC, declared that “artificial intelligence will provide the country with 100 solutions in the same number of areas.” The goal is to advance rapidly in AI and digitalization.

According to the minister, the process has already begun, in the lots, with the action of Findeter and the National University as those in charge of the details of the projects. “We already have a Center of Excellence in Artificial Intelligence, which is the direction of what we do and is managed with fundamental models that provide a practical service to the country,” added Lizcano.

The work is focused on achieving 100 AI solutions for the country. An example is Agrotec, focused on regions obtaining “better prices for their main activities and improving their processes to obtain better products. But also issues in health, security, industry, export, there are 100, and they cover the same number of country requirements, with specific solutions as in the case of security.”

They are working with a three-year deadline to achieve objectives in the various areas of life in the country. Regarding cybersecurity, they have signed an alliance with the National Police to work together and address the issue. AI will help demarcate the areas of greatest criminal activity, “with typologies of crime, frequency, and thus be able to develop strategies to confront them with high effectiveness.”

To maximize the use of digital technology and AI, they are training personnel in related areas so that they actively participate in the supercenters that will be built in Colombia.



(Reference image source: Unsplash+, in collaboration with Getty Images)

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