Venezuelan official party and opposition resume dialogue in Barbados

The Norwegian government indicated this Monday that the opposition and the ruling party will resume the dialogue this Tuesday, suspended since November 2021, in Barbados

This Monday, the Norwegian government confirmed that the ruling party and the Venezuelan opposition decided to resume political dialogue and negotiation this Tuesday, October 17.

Both representations resumed negotiations in August 2021, but they were suspended in November 2022. Norway has confirmed the willingness of both parties to find solutions that adhere to the constitutional order, and free presidential elections are achieved in 2024.

It is important to remember that Venezuela is currently facing pressure from the United States, due to the sanctions imposed by that nation, regarding the government of Nicolás Maduro establishing the conditions guaranteeing free elections.

Another important fact is that the decision between the opposition and the ruling party to resume talks occurs a few days before the opposition primary elections, scheduled for next Sunday, the 22nd.

The Norwegian government made public the statement from the Maduro government, which indicates the decision of both parties to “resume the process of dialogue and negotiation” facilitated by Norway, “with the objective of reaching a political agreement.”


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