Amazon Prime Video will have commercials

The streaming platform began to inform its customers that from January there will be ads in movies and series

Amazon has informed subscribers of its streaming content platform Amazon Prime Video that from January 29 next year it will include “limited ads” with the movies and series of its service.

This confirms what The Wall Street Journal and later Variety said at the end of September, when they commented that Prime Video would include a more affordable plan with ads and that it would reach the United States and different European countries.

Now media such as indicate that the company is warning Prime Video subscribers that they will have to pay more in case they do not want to have ads on their monthly or annual plan. In an email sent to these users, he noted that he will start showing “limited ads” with the movies and shows on his service from January 29, 2024.

The firm said that, thanks to this initiative, it will be able to “continue to invest in attractive content and continue to increase that investment over a long period of time,” according to the technology portal.

In doing so, it acknowledged that it aims to get “significantly fewer ads than TV and other streaming service providers,” although it has not clarified how many ads it expects to introduce into its subscription.

K. Tovar

Source: Xataka

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