Venezuelan agri-food companies, success stories of the UNDP program with CAVIDEA

The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) Venezuela, in alliance with the Venezuelan Chamber of the Food Industry (CAVIDEA), advances in the implementation of this technical cooperation initiative

An encouraging and positive news is shared and recorded, the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) Venezuela, in alliance with the Venezuelan Chamber of the Food Industry (CAVIDEA), advances in the implementation of the Supplier Development Program (PDP) in different companies of the agri-food sector in the country, with the purpose of contributing to the promotion of the national productive sector and improving the quality of life of people.

The PDP works together with large and medium-sized companies to support the strengthening of the capacities of the MSMEs that make up their supply chains, creating strategies to improve their productivity and competitiveness from their roles as suppliers, distributors or customers. To do this, through personalized advice, the Program transfers good business practices in key areas such as: finance, marketing, operations, strategy and human talent, with a focus on gender equality, digitization and care for the environment.

On this occasion, the partner company Kelly’s Food Products and the distribution and marketing service provider companies that make up its value chain participated for 7 months in the Supplier Development Program, achieving benefits associated with greater financial planning, increases in sales, improvements in profitability, cost reduction, growth in its geographical area, minimization of quality problems, higher percentage of training and better communication between suppliers and customers; In addition, they managed to fulfill several of their family dreams and business goals.

Technical cooperation produces results

The technical cooperation between the UNDP, CAVIDEA, the partner company Productos Alimenticios Kelly’s, and their companies that provide distribution and marketing services for agricultural products, made it possible to increase the technical skills and good business practices of the participating companies, thus consolidating the generation of life through local productive empowerment, positively influencing the strengthening of the social and productive resilience of the country’s economic development.

UNDP Venezuela invites companies and public institutions to join the Supplier Development Program, where those who receive it incorporate, in a simple way, tools and habits of business benefit, which allow them to optimize their business model, favor the consolidation of value chains, generate and preserve jobs and improve people’s living conditions.

The implementation of the PDP is framed in the project “Support for the strengthening of social and productive resilience to the effects of COVID-19 in Venezuela”, which is aligned with the achievement of the 2030 Agenda.

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