Bancamiga opened its 37th agency in El Vigía

At the facilities of this new Bancamiga agency, located on Avenida Don Pepe Rojas, Junior Mall Shopping Center, customers and visitors will be served by a team of professionals led by manager Aura Yaneth Guerrero

To further facilitate operations and bring customers closer to its innovative products and services, Bancamiga opened its El Vigía agency on Thursday, December 29, in the state of Mérida.

In 118 square meters, customers will have three ticket offices and may also be assisted by Business executives and Specialized Banking professionals, who will guide them on accounts in bolivars and foreign currency, how to participate in the Exchange Desk and on the Credit Card. Debit Mastercard, which among its benefits, in addition to contactless payment, include the possibility of making purchases online, using it at national and international points of sale and withdrawing cash from international ATMs, reports a statement from the financial institution.

The manager of Bancamiga in El Vigía, Aura Yaneth Guerrero, with 21 years in the banking system, stated that this is an eminently agricultural region and “we hope to continue supporting this sector, which is essential for the country’s economy. With advanced services and products, and preferential and specialized attention, we want to make a difference and be a reference in the area”.

Bancamiga is a bank with a high level of technological innovation, which has in its portfolio products that can generate important benefits for customers, such as the most versatile points of sale on the market. They are immediately delivered, wireless and have Contactless technology (without contact). They offer the possibility of paying and recharging services such as Cantv, Movilnet, Digitel, Movistar, Simple TV and Inter, as well as stamping the 5y6 and playing lotteries”.

Bancamiga, ever closer to its customers

The modern facilities are located on Don Pepe Rojas avenue, Junior Mall Shopping Center, Ground Floor Level, Alberto Adriani municipality, Rómulo Gallegos parish, El Vigía, Mérida state.

Guerrero will be accompanied by a team of five professionals made up of Miriam Ascanio in assistant management; Patricia Morillo, business executive; Magly Castillo. Business executive; as well as the cashiers Josmar Ortigoza and Alejandro Dávila.

For the Executive President of Bancamiga, Ariel José Martínez Coujil, with the new agency a step forward is taken to bank more Venezuelans and for the whole country to get closer to the bank’s products and services, one of the most important in the financial system, the informative document continues.

“We work hard to meet the needs of our clients, offering them a portfolio that allows their businesses and ventures to grow. We are committed to being one of the actors that contributes to boosting the regional and national economy”.

In the last two years, Bancamiga opened 14 branches in the country to reach a total of 37. In 2021 La Rinconada, Porlamar, Acarigua, Guanare and Maracaibo, and this year El Tigre, Barquisimeto Este, Puerto Cabello, Coro, Ciudad Ojeda , Cagua, San Cristóbal, El Hatillo and El Vigía, concludes the statement.

With information from Bancamiga

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