Venezuela had the first graduation of Cryptoactive Technicians

The Universidad Panamericana del Puerto (UNIPAP) held last week the act of the I promotion of Students of the Diploma Technical Consultant in Cryptoactives

Last week the graduation of the first class of students of the “Technical Consultant Diploma in Cryptoactives” from the Universidad Panamericana del Puerto (UNIPAP) was celebrated in Venezuela.

As indicated by the rector of the institution, Dr. Jesús Leal, this act represents the culmination of an innovative program within the digital age “given that the trend points to a population immersed in this form of economy.”

“Today we conclude the Diploma in Cryptoactives, an innovative activity in the digital age. We are basically talking about the digital economy, new terms, a new vocabulary and with a new praxis where for many it is as if we were in a science fiction program, but this will be the economy of the future, and we are already preparing interested people to venture into that world”, said Leal.

Graduates of this diploma are able to understand the importance of this new digital economy, through the use of cryptocurrencies.

Venezuela occupies one of the first places in the stablecoin adoption rate in Latin America. On the other hand, the country had already included studies related to digital assets in the curricula of several of its universities.

K. Tovar

Source: Cointelegraph

(Reference image source: freepik)

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