Venezuela and Paraguay reestablished diplomatic relations

This Wednesday, the presidents of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, and of Paraguay, Santiago Peña, agreed to reestablish diplomatic and consular relations, suspended since 2019

Through a statement issued by the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of Venezuela and Paraguay, the reestablishment of diplomatic and consular relations was announced. Ambassadors will soon be accredited accordingly.

Nicolás Maduro, President of Venezuela, along with Paraguayan President Santiago Peña, have indicated that a bilateral relationship will be maintained with full respect for “equal rights, self-determination of peoples, non-interference in the internal affairs of other States and solidarity,” according to the official communiqué published on his account on social network X by Venezuelan Foreign Minister Yván Gil.

Relations between both Latin American countries were suspended in 2019, after the re-election of Nicolás Maduro to the presidency of Venezuela, as a reaction from the president of Paraguay at that time, Abdo Benítez bowed to the position of other nations in the region, the United States. and the European Union, which did not recognize the electoral process.

Once this stage has been overcome, Venezuela and Paraguay are preparing for “good coexistence”, in addition to making it possible to “consolidate good relations between States and preserve the natural friendship and solidarity between our peoples.”


With information from national and international media and social networks

(Referential image source: @avnve, social network X)

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