Companies must prepare for the arrival of the metaverse

At the "Rethink Retail X.0: Metashopping, shopping as a journey" session, new trends in technology were discussed, in particular the metaverse

Companies in the sector will have to adapt to the arrival of new worlds such as the Metaverse, as well as bet on the disruptive technologies that are revolutionizing the market, to respond to the desire of users to travel between the different purchase channels indistinctly.

This is one of the conclusions of the conference “Rethink Retail X.0: Metashopping, shopping as a journey“, held at The Place, The Valley’s innovation space, in collaboration with Exterior Plus.

The meeting served as a showcase for the new technological trends in the retail sector, which is in full evolution. In addition, the Rethink Retail X.0 report was presented, which outlines what the shopping experience of the future will be like, what technologies will be used and details the trends that are impacting the evolution of the sector in response to the needs of brands and user habits.

The report, presented by the CIO at The Valley, Juan Luis Moreno, highlights that in a society that is increasingly accustomed to having what it wants in a matter of hours or minutes, the so-called instant commerce is positioned as one of the trends that they will continue to evolve thanks to the application of technologies such as autonomous vehicles or drones to deliver packages or robots to classify and pack products.

It also points out the increasingly common presence in large cities of so-called “darkstores”, centers where products are stored and from where they are distributed almost immediately, which is having a great impact on food retail, and It begins to be used in other areas such as fashion and technology.

Brands are betting on technology to meet the demands of users, who are increasingly looking for more complete experiences when entering a store. The report points out its evolution towards spaces that include sensory experiences and where shopping merges with entertainment, design and technology.

K. Tovar

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