Venezuela and Iran signed agreements in the scientific and technological area

During the celebration of the Iran-Venezuela Scientific, Technological and Industrial Expo, both countries signed various agreements in strategic areas such as science, technology, agri-food, telecommunications, transportation and health

The Iran-Venezuela Scientific, Technological and Industrial ExpoFair, which ended on Monday, September 19, was the setting for the signing of various agreements between the governments of both countries.

According to information through social networks from the Venezuelan Ministry of Science and Technology, 204 business intentions were signed, focused on strategic sectors such as science, health, telecommunications, transportation and industry, among others.

In its Twitter account, said organization indicated: “The fair left open the business possibilities with the establishment of two receiving offices located in Iran and Venezuela, to continue the work days until the agreements materialize.”

The Minister of Transportation, Ramón Vásquez, declared that four agreements were signed with Iran that will allow the necessary boost to be given to the automotive industry in Venezuela. From the National Urban Transportation Fund Foundation (Fontur), the head of Vladimir Zambrano reported that Venezuela will soon begin the marketing of four vehicles with Iranian technology. Zambrano added that they will begin conversations with the national banking sector to explore the possibilities of granting loans to clients interested in acquiring said vehicles.

For its part, the Sectoral Vice Presidency of Economy highlighted the signing of 19 cooperation agreements between Venezuela and Iran “in the area of ​​services, procurement and financing, development of hydrocarbons and refining, with the goal of strengthening the area of ​​the oil, gas and petrochemical.


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