Venezuela and Brazil could resume electrical interconnection project

The presidents of Venezuela and Brazil agreed on Monday to study the possibility of resuming the electrical interconnection between the two countries

The presidents of Venezuela and Brazil, Nicolás Maduro and Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, agreed on Monday at the South American Summit to study whether to resume the binational electrical interconnection project.

Both presidents discussed various political and economic issues, including the United States sanctions on Venezuela. However, Lula da Silva focused on the need to incorporate the Brazilian state of Roraima, which has not been connected to the electrical system for four years and works with expensive thermoelectric plants.

For his part, Maduro indicated that Venezuela “is prepared to recover this electrical cooperation” and that it could immediately start sending some “190 megawatts”, although he clarified that a “basic investment of four or five million dollars would be necessary to recover the lines of transmission”.

It is important to highlight that the Caribbean country has been suffering a crisis in the electricity sector that has worsened in recent years, with daily blackouts in different states, which affects the daily life of citizens and national economic activity.

However, Maduro indicated that “very soon” Guri could be “reconnected with Roraima,” although he clarified that these investments will be necessary, for which he requested the “cooperation and support of Brazilian businessmen.”


Source: finanzasdigital

(Reference image source: Sigmund, Unsplash)

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