Venezuela advances in cybersecurity with the creation of the Technical Committee

The Banking Association of Venezuela (ABV) carried out the creation of the Technical Committee to promote different branches such as security, technology, among others

Venezuela, like other countries in the region and the world, faces challenges in the field of cybersecurity. These challenges include the need to strengthen technical resources, provide ongoing training for professionals in the field, foster collaboration and cooperation to share information and best practices, and educate and prepare users to protect themselves against phishing threats perpetrated by cybercriminals with in order to obtain private data.

In this context, the Venezuelan Banking Association (ABV) has organized a meeting for the creation of the Cybersecurity Technical Committee, in which national bank officials from various areas participated, including security, technology, technological risk, systems and prevention of risks, among others.

Pedro Pacheco Rodríguez, executive president of the ABV, emphasized the importance of having this union committee, whose main objective is to promote a solid culture of cybersecurity. This culture must be extended not only within the financial sector, but also to other sectors of the economy and to the general public, including users of banking products.

The Cybersecurity Committee will carry out a series of activities, including the creation of a financial education project on this matter and the promotion of greater cooperation in the sharing of relevant information for the entire banking industry, in order to to prevent computer crimes that may compromise security.

In addition, the committee plans to hold annual events with the participation of national and international experts, addressing various aspects related to risks and how to deal with them in case of contingencies.

The executive president of the ABV stressed that the Cybersecurity Technical Committee is based on four fundamental pillars: trust, capacity for associative relationships, civic awareness and ethical behavior. The objective is to protect not only the activities of a crucial sector for the economic development of the country, but also the disclosure of information on cybersecurity that affects bank users and society in general.

K. Tovar

Source: Bancaynegocios

(Reference image source: Jefferson Santos, Unsplash)

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