Uruguay quits Unasur and suspends its exit from ITRA

Luis Lacalle Pou assures that the measures turn Uruguayan foreign policy reflecting the axes of the new management

The Uruguayan government has announced its decision to withdraw from the Union of South American Nations (Unasur) and to suspend its withdrawal from the Inter-American Treaty of Reciprocal Assistance (ITRA), measures that “reflect the axes of the new management” and turn the Uruguayan foreign policy.

The state representative, Luis Lacalle Pou, assures that Unasur “is a regional body based on ideological political guidelines and that, in fact, it has stopped working: it no longer has its headquarters and lacks an operational general secretariat”. For this reason, Pou has decided to withdraw Uruguay from the international organization.

He noted that “most of the countries in the region with the exception of Guyana, Suriname and Venezuela have also withdrawn.”

Regarding the permanence in the ITRA, the Head of Government has stated that “the country also reinforces its historical commitment to the inter-American system“, asserting that its withdrawal from the treaty could weaken the inter-American system and deprive the South American country of making its voice felt in this area of ​​mutual assistance in matters of collective defense and hemispheric security”.

Lacalle Pou ratified his commitment “to multilateralism, the strengthening of the Organization of American States and the principle of forming part of alliances based on a strong institutionality and not on ideological affinities.”


Source: eluniverse

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